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Unplanable Downtime
[08.01.2018 - 13:00 Standard Time]

We've had a long Downtime, because a new Filter we are using had a big Bug. We've got a fixed Filter now and the Server is stable again! Our Team is really sorry for the Downtime and we added 200 Free Silk to everyone!

Jan 8 2018 8:18PM

[GAME UPDATE] - 06.01.2018
Dear Players, we've got some Updates for you!

[UPDATE - 06.01.2018]
- Elixirs Stackable upto 800
- Purification Pills Stackable upto 500
- PET Bad Status Pills Stackable upto 500
- Stat Reset Scroll added to Item Mall
- Roc added to Samarkand Ong Habitat
Jan 6 2018 11:38AM

Happy New Year
Our Team wish all our Players a Happy New Year!
Jan 1 2018 1:36PM

Server Update 19.11.2017
[19.11.2017 UPDATE]

- Updated Stone Stack to 200
- Updated Elixir Stack to 250
- Updated Website News
- Fixed Fortress War

We wish you very much fun on our Server. We will start a big Promotion soon!
Nov 19 2017 8:51PM

Trade 5* And Coin System
[19.11.2017 UPDATE]

- It's easy to get gold 5 * can be pulled alone with pots

[19.11.2017 Arena Cion System]

- Trade 5* After Finish Relog you Get Coins
- Battel Arena You Get Coins
- CFF You Get Coins
Nov 15 2017 8:52PM

Grand Opening Update
Dear Players,

we are proud to announce the Grand Opening! We finished to add the suggestions you made and we are ready to start now.

We Present you the Update Facts:


- Pet Potion Stackable upto 5000
- Gold Rate reduced
- Added Magic- & Attribute Stones to Monsters
- Deleted Everything of the Beta
Nov 11 2017 2:06PM

Welcome to Craft Online
Dear Players,

we are proud to see you in our open beta phase! Our open beta ends at 08.11.2017, all characters will be deleted after the beta phase and everyone starts with level 1! If you find a Bug or a Failure in Gameplay, please use our Request Support Tool on our Homepage!

  • CAP 105
  • CH & EU
  • Holy Spell for Chinese
  • Sun +11 Start Gear
  • Old PVP Cape
  • New Teleports (Job Cave)
  • Coins -> EGY Equip
  • FGW Enabled
  • Arena Coins for Uniques
  • Weekly Job Title + Silk
  • Vote 4 Silk
  • Invite Friends for Silk
  • Silk Trade Pets for Gold
  • Behemoth with 500k HP
  • Job Reward System (relog after finish a Trade)
  • Custom Zerk Quest
Jun 28 2017 2:24PM